PCNRC Module 4: Measurement & Verification for Energy Savings Performance Contracts  

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3 hours
0.4 CEU
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Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP

This training is intended to provide an understanding of measurement and verification (M&V) concepts for energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) focused on the municipal, university, schools and hospitals (MUSH) market, and is applicable to owner's representatives and customer staff that need to understand M&V. This module covers M&V basics such as why M&V is important in performance contracts, balancing measurement uncertainty with cost, the four M&V options and when they are used, detailed examples for each M&V option, and best practices for M&V development and review.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe why a facility owner needs M&V to ensure ESPC performance;
  • Recognize the importance of balancing performance uncertainty with cost;
  • Identify the four main M&V options and understand how to choose an appropriate option for each ECM; and
  • Apply the best practices for baseline development, witnessing, and M&V review.

Credits for PCNRC Series

The PCNRC training certificate series was developed through a collaborative effort between FEMP, SCEP, National Labs, DOE contractors, and experts in MUSH market performance contracting.  Read More

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