NIST GCR 11-917-12 Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally Owned and Leased Buildings - ICSSC Recommended Practice 8 (RP 8)  


The intent of the Standards of Seismic Safety for Federally Owned and Leased Buildings (hereinafter referred to as the Standards) is to provide Federal agencies with common minimum and higher standards for the evaluation and mitigation of seismic risks in their existing owned or leased buildings and in privately-owned buildings on Federal land to ensure that all agencies have balanced, agency-conceived and -controlled seismic safety programs. The Standards establishes procedures and criteria intended to provide a low risk of earthquake-related death or life threatening injury. The Standards also provides criteria suitable for certain essential facilities for use by the agencies when they address such buildings in their inventories (see Section 1.1.2). The Standards builds upon previous efforts by the Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction (ICSSC) in support of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP).